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What is a crypto hardware wallet? | 4 best ways to use this wallet

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How to use Crypto hardware wallet

There are some steps to understand how we can use the Crypto wallet hardware :

1. Purchase and Install software
2. Connect the Hardware wallet
3. Add funds and transact
4. Confirm, Sign and verify transactions

1. Purchase and install software

First of all, visit the official websites of the hardware wallet manufacturer, and install the software of the wallet into your device. Sure to read the device specs, processor, operating system, etc.

2. Connect the  Crypto Hardware Wallet

Connect the hardware wallet to the device by using a wireless connection (Bluetooth or NFC) or USB cable. To start the hardware wallet, follow the on-screen instructions. Instruction involves selecting the passphrase or PIN. Creating seed phrases and backups for storing the seeds in the many offline locations. In case of damage or loss of the hardware wallet, we can recover our data.

3. Add funds and transacts

In the wallet software, select the option to receive or deposit Cryptocurrencies. Copy the address or scan the QR code. Add amount that you have from the other wallets.

4. Confirm, Sign and verify transactions

After confirming the transaction on Hardware Wallet, add the authorization by entering the PIN. The wallet signs the transaction with the private key. Verify the transaction has been confirmed and added to the Blockchain.

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