types of Keywords in SEO

8 basic and best types of Keywords in SEO

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8 main types of Keywords in SEOtypes of Keywords in SEO

Here we discuss about the main types of Keywords in SEO.

1. Short-tail keywords
2. Long-tail keywords
3. LSI Keywords
4. Navigational Keywords
5. Branded Keywords
6. Transactional Keywords
7. Product/service Keywords
8. Informational Keywords

1. Short-tail Keywords :

These Keywords contain one or two-word phrases. These are also known as the “head” or “generic” keywords. They are very broad and generic, attracting a large search volume.

2. Long-tail Keywords :

These keywords are longer and more specific phrases, typically containing three or more words. They have a lower search volume but are more targeted and less competitive.

3. LSI Keywords :

The full form of the LSI is (Latent Semantic Indexing) that search engines use to understand the content’s topic and relevance. Example: If your main keyword is “apple,” LSI keywords could include “fruit,” “iPhone,” “MacBook,” etc.

4. Navigational Keywords :

These keywords are used when user trying to find the specific website or web-page. They are often associated with a brand or website name. For Example: “Facebook login”, “Amazon contact.”

5. Branded Keywords :

The keywords that includes the brand name or company. Branded keywords are associated with a particular brand’s products or services. Example: “Nike Shoes,” “Apple I phone.”

6. Transactional Keywords :

Transactional keywords show a clear intent by users to make a purchase or perform a specific action. They are often used in e-commerce or when users are ready to convert. Example: “buy iPhone X,” “discounted flights to Canada.”

7. Product/Service Keywords :

These keywords are related to specific product or services offered by a business. These keywords are more targeted and indicate the strong users intent. Example: ” Healthy Diet,” “Trucking service.”

8. Informational Keywords :

These keywords use when user want any type of info and answers of their questions. Example: “Meanings of name,” “How many types of atoms.”

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